Canada Pool Limited

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Knowledge, Experience, Teamwork

  • Award-wining Oakville-headquartered third-generation entrepreneurial company.
  • Celebrated 50th anniversary in 2004.
  • Sales, construction, renovation and service of Large Commercial Aquatics Facilities (Class A swimming pools).
  • Serving the East Coast of Canada to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

“There’s an immense amount of technical knowledge required in building these pools that can only come from experience.”

Few Canadian companies can boast 50 years of longevity. Fewer still can claim to be a third generation family business. Yet that’s exactly the case with Canada Pool Limited, an award-winning Oakville-based company specializing in the sales, construction, renovation and service of Large Commercial Aquatics Facilities (Class A swimming pools).

The company was founded in 1954 by James W. Clayton Carroll (who passed away in 1982), an early innovator and inventor in the swimming pool industry. Today, it is capably run by James W. Carroll II (Jim), president, and James W. Carroll III (Bill), vicepresident, the founder’s son and grandson respectively.

Canada Pool operates on the same principles of high-quality construction and high level of after-construction support that’s characterized the company since its inception. The pools, they recognize, “will leave a legacy for decades to come in the communities involved.” Many of the company’s customers, which consists mostly of municipalities and YMCA/YWCAs, as well as a few large camps and resorts, have relied on Canada Pool for decades. Primarily, the company serves the East Coast of Canada to Thunder Bay, Ontario.

“There’s an immense amount of technical knowledge required in building these pools that can only come from experience,” says Jim, noting the company has the expertise to evaluate new technologies as they come to market to determine their value and effectiveness to customers. The company generally has four to 10 full-time staff on board. In co-ordinating the construction and service, “there’s a real knack to working with other trades that we’ve built up over the years,” he adds. There are a limited number of architects and engineers who design this work; Canada Pool works with, and continues to have excellent relationships with all the key firms in the industry.

In 2012, Canada Pool took home two awards from the Pool & Hot Tub Council of Canada, the latest in a number of awards garnered over the years. The company won Gold in the Design & Construction Public-Municipal Category and a Silver in the Design & Construction Special Use Pool Category, both Awards for the Wilmot Recreation Centre in Baden, Ontario.

Honesty and Integrity

The Carrolls say their reputation for detail is also key to the longevity of their company. “We want to ensure that our facilities are safe. We pay attention to detail so that when you walk around a pool and rub all the tiles with your hands, they come away without a cut,” says Bill. As another example, he says, “when building a FINA pool, the dimensions upon completion must be precise.”

They also enjoy the challenge that comes with working on new, innovative designs. In 2011, for example, Canada Pool constructed the 4800 square foot splash pad at Sherkston Shores Resort on Lake Erie. It’s a unique and leading-edge facility featuring Empex Water Toys’ extensive line of water features, including a centre piece with a large dumping bucket that causes a wave to rain down on the patrons.

Also, in 2011 Canada Pool completed the Marydale Park facility for Mobility Challenged Individuals in a design-build format project. Currently, the company is building the new Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre in Bridgewater, Nova  Scotia.

Although “this is a business that keeps you incredibly busy mentally and physically,” the Carrolls ensure there’s always time to give back to the community. As example, Bill is a member and past director of the Oakville Shrine Club and the company supports the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign on a fairly regular basis.

As to their advice to entrepreneurs, “I heard a friend describe an entrepreneur as someone who will work 16 to 18 hours a day to avoid working eight hours a day for somebody else,” says Bill. “I think that’s a pretty good representation. You have to have a really good work ethic, be knowledgeable about what you do, have integrity and be honest.”