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Personal and family issues require careful legal guidance. If you're going through a divorce or separation, you might feel alone and overwhelmed. Apart from the difficulty of helping your children cope, you have to deal with a legal system you might not fully understand. Our Family Lawyers give you options and help guide you through this difficult time.

The ending of a marriage or a long term relationship is one of the most painful experiences families will live through, and it can be difficult to focus on the tasks at hand. The Family Lawyers at FDH Lawyers are here to guide you through these challenging times by helping you sort through the related uncertainties.

At FDH Lawyers, our role is to help clarify your needs and concerns and explain your options to resolving issues surrounding separation or divorce - and their implications. First, we assist our clients in determining what process to use to resolve their family law matters, whether it’s through mediation, collaborative law or through the more traditional methods of resolution through negotiation or litigation. Couples have the choice of using mediation or collaborative law or the more traditional approach of divorce litigation. Our Family Law Team of divorce lawyers, mediators and collaborative law lawyers can assist you in determining which approach would be best for your family. Learn more about Mediation and Collaborative Law.

We understand that not all separations and divorces may be suited to mediation or collaborative law. As your divorce lawyers, we will work to resolve your disputes through effective negotiations. With extensive experience in all areas of family law, we make strategic moves that are in your best interest. We are a strong force to help you through issues that include the following, as well as other areas of family law:

  • Legal Separation
  • Child custody and access/visitation
  • Child support and spousal support
  • Divorce
  • Equalization of property
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Separation Agreements
  • Marriage Contracts
  • Variations in child and spousal support

As your divorce lawyers, mediators and collaborative law lawyers we will provide you with all of the necessary support and dedication when you really need someone there. We aim to provide you with compassionate care and favourable outcomes. Going through personal and family issues is not easy. Whether you're contemplating separation or currently in the middle of a divorce dispute, you need Ontario family lawyers with experience, a great reputation and the knowledge to strategically help you with your legal issues.

Mediation Services 

Our firm also provides mediation services for separating clients who are willing to work together to negotiate thoughtful and creative solutions that reflect everyone’s interests and objectives. Mediation offers a non-adversarial environment in which both parties can meet with a trained mediator who acts as a neutral third party to resolve their separation issues.  The mediator will explore each person’s needs and goals and will encourage creative problem solving to create a mutually beneficial and sustainable agreement that will reflect both of their interests and those of the children.  Instead of having a court impose a solution, the couple can design their own.

The process starts with the mediator meeting with each party separately to assess the dynamics between the parties, identify needs and goals and explain the mediation process including the ground rules for the negotiations.  Then, joint sessions are held with both parties.  There can be anywhere from one to three joint sessions depending on the number of issues and their complexity, and how quickly the parties are able to make decisions.  Once the mediator has facilitated the resolution of the issues, a Separation Agreement is prepared which reflects the agreement made between the parties.  Then, the parties take this agreement to their own lawyers for review.

Collaborative Law Services 

We also can assist you through a collaborative law process, which involves a team approach where each party retains their own collaboratively trained lawyer to assist them outside of the court process. Collaborative law is a respectful and cooperative process. The collaborative law process begins with the two parties and their lawyers agreeing to be bound by the process.  A Participation Agreement is signed by all which states that they will attempt to resolve their issues surrounding their separation through the collaborative law process and that they will not take this matter to court.  The negotiations occur in four-way meetings where the parties and the lawyers discuss needs and goals and creatively devise workable options.  This process allows the parties to benefit from the involvement of specialists.  Depending upon the nature of the issues, mental health and financial professionals can be included in the process.  These specialists act as neutral providers of assistance for both parties.

The Advantages of Mediation and Collaborative Law

Mediation and Collaborative Law reduce conflict and improve communication skills between the parties. They also encourage the parties to focus on the interests and needs of the parties and not on their opposing positions. These methods save time and money, and help avoid lengthy and costly litigation that adds tremendous stress for all family members.  Children will always be winners when parents are able to continue to work together in their roles as co-parents.

Ultimately, since Mediation and Collaborative Law foster the creation of unique arrangements that reflect the individual family, the parties are more likely to abide by the terms of the agreement.  Sustainability coupled with the improved communication skills and reduced stress will lead to a better outcome for all.

Since mediation and collaborative law may not be suitable to your circumstances, we also assist people who are considering separation or divorce or who have already started the process through the more traditional approaches of negotiation or litigation. Our lawyers can give you advice and legal support that will guide you through these challenging circumstances.

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