Logistics and Transportation Law

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FDH Lawyers understands the importance of creating seamless logistics and transportation operations in an increasingly global marketplace.

Logistics and transportation companies are confronted by a multitude of pressures that raise new legal issues and spur an ever-greater need for legal advice that is dynamic and global in its perspective.  And in striving to optimize their competitive advantage, transportation and logistics players face escalating liability and insurance risks, tightening regulatory structures, diverse international legal regimes, and heightened demand for innovative finances. 

The legal team at FDH Lawyers has the legal experience and industry knowledge necessary to direct their logistics and transportation clients to ever greater success.

Corporate Structure

Transportation and logistics have multiple opportunities to achieve growth through the strategic use of joint ventures, strategic alliances and purchases and sales of business entities. Our group can suggest and implement structures for these arrangements that will achieve management's goals and have impact on your bottom line.

Operational Relationships

Relationships are the linchpin of any successful logistics or transportation relationship.  Managing those relationships is dependent on successfully negotiating and documenting those arrangements, thereby minimizing misunderstandings and conflicts, while creating operational efficiencies and a more profitable business relationship.  Our knowledge and experience in the field provides you with a strategic advantage in negotiations, resulting in effective agreements and constructive, business-oriented solutions to contract issues.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Transportation law all too often means litigation. Our team of litigators regularly prosecutes and defends transportation and logistics related claims, pertaining to lost or damaged shipments, collection matters, contract disputes, insurance claims, cross-border disputes and other issues.  Our experience in handling these types of complex freight claims ensures that your legal expenses are minimized and permits you to focus on growing your business.

Regulatory Compliance

Transportation remains an industry heavily regulated by federal, provincial and local governments, which only becomes that much more complicated when your carriers exit Canada.  Whether it’s issues pertaining to customs, security, safety, hazardous materials or a range of other compliance issues; our legal team is extremely capable in keeping your business operating within the bounds of international, federal, provincial and local laws.

Workforce Management

As both transportation and logistics are labor-intensive enterprises, employment issues and disputes are an all too frequent occurrence.  Our employment lawyers have significant experience dealing with labor disputes in the context of transportation and logistics.  But even more important, their experience allows them to counsel owners and managers with ‘best practices’ that are extremely important in minimizing legal exposure and costs.

Real Estate and Construction

Our real estate lawyers are experienced in logistics facility acquisition, development, financing and management.  Site development can be a highly technical and time intensive project, made even more challenging when dealing with Brownfield sites.  Given the importance of your logistics facility, you deserve highly capable legal representation whether you build the entire facility from the ground up or an existing facility is purchased or leased.

Our Team of Logistics and Transportation Law Lawyers